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We have developed a model of collaborative professional development involving experiencing one or more arts-based techniques e.g. using collage, film-making, working with textiles and printing which is introduced by a creative arts practitioner. The workshop participants are then supported in adapting the technique to suit the needs of their learners and school.


Creating Welcoming Learning Environments runs workshops on art-based practices for school teachers. These workshops are organized for school-based teachers and school staff who work with children developing English as an Additional Language. At each workshop, a creative artist provides a hands-on experience of using innovate arts-based practices. At the end of the day, workshop participants are supported in planning their adaptation to the technique for use in their school. The University of the West of England researchers and consultants, such as Integra, South Gloucestershire staff, provide support in school as the arts-based techniques have been developed. CWLE also organizes conferences for sharing the tried and tested ideas on using arts-based techniques in supporting children developing English as an Additional Language. Our aim is to raise the profile of art-based practices, due to their value in learning and teaching pedagogies and achieving an impact.

Where & what next?

Please get in touch with jane.andrewsEDU@uwe.ac.uk to find about more about any workshops, conferences and resources.

Past workshops

The dates for each workshop and the arts-based focus group are listed below: