English as an Additional Language and Creativity Conference Workshops

At the EAL and Creativity Conference 2018, four different workshops on art and language in a multilingual world will be conducted.



Adinkra Creative Links – Naa Densua Tordzro and Gameli Tordzro


Naa Densua and Gameli will provide a workshop based around working with music and printing on textiles inspired by Adinkra symbols. Participants are invited to bring a musical instrument if they wish to and also to bring a T shirt on which they can print during the workshop.




Spoken Word, Broken Silence – Tawona Sitholé and Alison Phipps


In this workshop Tawona and Alison will return to the themes of silence and speech, multilingual and meditative, for the exploration of the ways in which the white page is broken by poetry and poetry might break the white page. They will explore through this the parallels with speech and silence. Come with your quietness, come with your tongues heavy with good words for creating welcoming learning environments.




Film-making and EAL Learners – Maryam Almohammad


Maryam will first introduce the work of Katja Frimberger and explain how teachers adapted her ideas from our previous workshop.  Then, Maryam will work with you all on how you can create short films with EAL learners.  Filming ideas can be adapted to be used with both primary and secondary school learners.  In this workshop, Alicja Lievaart, an EAL teacher at Elmfield School, will also present about how she created short films with her students, the editing process and DVD making.




Craft-making with EAL Learners – Jane Andrews


This workshop will provide a hands on experience of using collage and model-making. Jane will introduce workshop participants to the work of Lyn Ma (Glasgow Clyde College) and Dr Katja Frimberger who have worked with learners new to English using craft-based techniques. The workshop will finish with a discussion of how these techniques can be adapted to support language development and explore identities.



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